Same Heart (“worship wars” redux)

Sixteen years ago, when some who now read and write blogs were in junior high school, the College Church in Searcy, Arkansas had apparently noticed a manifestation of the so-called "worship wars," which had been breaking out in skirmishes here and there.  The congregation's preacher, Bruce McLarty, was tasked with comparing older and newer songs—with … Continue reading Same Heart (“worship wars” redux)


The Love Feast (Agape meal, communion, Lord’s Supper, etc.)

I recently came into e-possession of some information on the so-called Love Feast or Agape Meal (sometimes, just Agape).  This material came from the United Methodist Book of Worship, 1992, and it is an interesting mix of (1) a relatively small slice of history and (2) some suggestions.  Here is a link to the document, … Continue reading The Love Feast (Agape meal, communion, Lord’s Supper, etc.)