The power and significance of the assembly

From time to time, a passage comes to me that I want to share. Often, of course, these are from our Christian scriptures. Today, I was reading in a little book by the late scholar Larry Hurtado.

These little house-groups saw themselves as bearing salvation-historical significance, their meetings constituting God’s ekklesia called together in response to the divine summons issued in the gospel message. Their worship assembly was itself an event of eschatological meaning, a foretaste of the blessings of the coming age. . . .

Larry W. Hurtado, At the Origins of Christian Worship, p. 62

Although we plan to join a Christian assembly in about two hours, and although we and others will benefit, somehow I think the assembly this morning will fall short of the ideal described above. I should think that those who are “going to church” online will have an even more difficult time attaining to the model of the early Christians.

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