Assembly leadership, concepts, and Dad’s questions

A visit with a congregation brought reminiscences and many good thoughts.  This group seemed alive, warm, and genuine.  The speaking minister is a personal friend, and he is not only an exceptional communicator and good guy but also trustworthy in his chosen emphases.  The expository style of his sermon was familiar, and his manner, engaging; … Continue reading Assembly leadership, concepts, and Dad’s questions

My vision clouded

Sometime in the '90s, I wrote an article for Image magazine in which I gave a personal "top 10" list of high-quality hymns.  My point was to encourage congregational attention to content.  Number 1 on my list was "Be Thou My Vision."  I'd been introduced to that song as #604 in the supplement to Great … Continue reading My vision clouded

Misconceptions and redirections

In the context of an article about "online worship" (a term that itself invites scrutiny), an interviewee mentioned that, having "attended" "church" "online," he felt he had "been to a scriptural worship."  (There are so many questionable words and phrases here that one can lose count!)  The phrase "been to a worship" indicates at least … Continue reading Misconceptions and redirections

Honoring two

Binary patterns of early Christian worship?  Monotheism?  Trinitarian formulaism?  Those things are interesting to some of us, but it's probably better to look at a specific text and attempt to determine what it's trying to say.  Here's what I find in John 5:23 (Greek letters, followed by transliteration): ἵνα πάντες τιμῶσι τὸν υἱὸν καθὼς τιμῶσι … Continue reading Honoring two

The power and significance of the assembly

From time to time, a passage comes to me that I want to share. Often, of course, these are from our Christian scriptures. Today, I was reading in a little book by the late scholar Larry Hurtado. These little house-groups saw themselves as bearing salvation-historical significance, their meetings constituting God's ekklesia called together in response … Continue reading The power and significance of the assembly

Choudhrie: mega church to meta (beyond) church

21 Steps I have lifted the numbered items in the left column below from a website, reformatting some and editing the punctuation to conform to American English standards.  Victor Choudhrie, a former cancer surgeon and practitioner in India, is the author of the original material on the left; the comments in the right column are … Continue reading Choudhrie: mega church to meta (beyond) church

Something larger, Someone greater

The ad below had been posted prior to the known U.S. virus outbreak.  "C'mon" opportunities such as this one seem off the mark to me anytime, but almost silly to think about in current times: The shallow goal of "attracting visitors" has always put my soul to sleep.  But what about Christmas and Easter?  Shouldn't … Continue reading Something larger, Someone greater

How do we see instruments in worship?

I don't find virtue in maintaining positions and opinions.  In and of itself, not changing is neutral.  Honest examination is necessary if one is to assess things rightly.  If I simply hold an opinion and refuse to think new thoughts or allow other thoughts their potential influence, I am to be pitied.  I say this … Continue reading How do we see instruments in worship?