Xposted: music box dance(rs)

I once liked singing quiet songs during communion and/or the offering collection, while I knew there were others who would rather have it quiet.  I think I now like it quiet more often.  Music box dancers in church, cross-posted from my other blog, provides an offbeat musing about the accompaniment for a little "dance" one sometimes … Continue reading Xposted: music box dance(rs)


Xposted: serving in the assembly

This post on "The crisis of ministry" raised some eyebrows and elicited some advice and other expressions of concern. In this follow-up, "Musings on ministry and membership," I repent of some carelessness, and I attempt to respond to various suggestions and thoughts from others, clarifying and going deeper. In this second and final follow-up, More meditations: … Continue reading Xposted: serving in the assembly