Blogs about Not Singing and the Use of Hymnals

On Why People Don’t Sing

On the Character and False Allure of Some Contemporary/Pop Music

On Rationale for a Proposed Boycott

I do not support the boycott idea, even within the Christian “house.”  On the other hand, if I were to support it in the future, it would be because of this reality, mentioned in the blog below:  “the worship industry creates its own idols” (a la “American Idol”).  I readily acknowledge that musicians are not the only personages that may become Idol-like figures.  Preachers/pastors and others may present this temptation, as well.

On Hymnals and Related Topics

The Trend Toward Non-use of Hymnals (This conversation might not be over)

Reasons to Keep Talking About Hymnals

Same Heart (“worship wars” redux)